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Step 1

Go through our international patient portal in detail and you will find all you need to know about us, our doctors as well as Abu Dhabi as a Healthcare destination. Our effort is to make your travel and treatment to Abu Dhabi as seamless as possible. In case there is a specific query you would like to ask us , feel free to write us

Step 2

Once you get in touch with us, our international patient coordinator will help in getting the best medical opinion for your case. They will help you with treatment options along with the sound medical advice on your condition. On the basis of medical reports you share with us, our international patient coordinator will consult our doctor and send you treatment options which will contain information related to diagnosis, treatment recommended, hospital stay duration as well as pricing details.

Step 3

Should you decide to choose Burjeel Hospital for your treatment, there are certain things that you will need to keep in mind before travelling

  • Consult your local doctor to ascertain if you are fit to travel with the medical condition
  • For the medical procedure that you will undergo, it's important to know the follow up care, time for recovery, risks etc. so that you are fully aware of the treatment. In case you are not fully clear, you can always get in touch with our patient coordinator to help answer any queries you might have
  • Make sure that you carry all your vital diagnostic reports such as X- rays , MRI, complete health history and any other documentation relevant to the surgery with you
  • In case you have any special needs, please update our International Patient Coordinator

Step 4

Once you arrive in Abu Dhabi, our International Patient Coordinator will greet you at Airport itself. We will aid you in booking an appointment with our specialist as well as assist you for any local travel and accommodation requirements.