Mahwish Nauman

My name is Mahwish Nauman. i was pregnant for the first time. I consulted Dr. Mneerva Khalil in Shamkha branch. She is so co-operative and I am very much satisfied from with her. She is a good natured and experienced doctor, mashallah. Thank you burjeel for giving good treatment in my pregnancy and inshallah in 2 months time, I will deliver at burjeel. Thank you burjeel.

Hani Jaber

Procedure – Comminuted fracture distal Tibia / Pilon - plate fixation.  

I was in a severe pain, and you gave me relief, I was hopeless and you gave me hope, I was not able to move forward and you gave me the motive and strength. I had a severe fracture in my ankle. Dr. Hans Fuchs, as an artist, tenderly and professionally fixed it back.

Before I came to Burjeel, I went, to many hospitals in the city and had met many doctors, I saw in their eyes how they are reluctant to do the surgery as I insisted on my high expectations of getting well, healthy and walking normally again.

I planned to travel to Germany to do the surgery there, a friend of mine, whom I trust, recommended Dr. Fuchs, the friend said in a humorous way: instead of travelling to Germany, why do not you bring Germany here, Dr. Fuchs is a German orthopedic whom you should see to get the medical advice, and crystalize your final decision to fly or to stay?

This is what I did, I remember that day, when Dr.Fuchs saw me looking at the X-rays, and touching my swelling ankle, asking me when and how it happened. He looks into my eyes, and he said the magic Arabic word in a tender friendly way, HABEEBI, do not worry, you will be fine, you will be OK, and walk again.

I am planning to fly to Germany to get the Surgery there, I said, No need, for this fracture you don’t need to travel to Germany as I am happy to fix here in Burjeel hospital.

I will never forget the hard minutes before the operation, he came, and he noticed the fear and anxiety in my eyes, the tension in my face which I could not hide. He smiled, gave me hug and said me: do not worry you are in safe hands, pointing at some of his staff; they are the best team.

Thanks Dr. Hans Fuchs, Charlie and the other nurses - I have started life again after I was floundering physically and emotionally. Each time when I came for follow up, Dr.Fuchs explained to me what is going on, the improvement, inside my ankle; the awareness, knowledge and encouragement he gave me made me stronger and stuck to his instructions to get rehabilitated and resume my work and life.

I would like to thank the Burjeel Management, Dr.Fuchs and his skillful team.

I've felt always welcomed and in safe hands. I do recommended the hospital to all people I know , as I am sure that the same level represented by Dr.Fuchs and his team is available in other sections and specialties.

May God bless you, I am proud that Abu Dhabi has such advanced hospital like the Burjeel.

Kiran Jogi

Firstly we would like to thank Dr. Pathukutty and all her team members for extraordinary services at the time of my wife pooja Jogi pregnancy and safe delivery. Actually this is our longtime dream to have our second baby and with all the help of Dr. Pathukutty we blessed with a baby girl. However suffered a lot in other so called corporate hospital who invest more on ads but very little on patient services. On an emergency we came to burjeel and really felt so safe by seeing the extraordinary services from each individual staff member with so much cooperation. If anyone has any doubts feel free to call me I will explain how all my experiences with burjeel are and I would suggest burjeel as the best choice for any medical services.


Best hospital, I 've ever been. Good staff, and nice music. I liked the harp and cello players.

Sreena Kuduvan

First and foremost, i wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Dr.Pathukutty Mohammed. I consulted this gynaecology doctor after reviewing her profiles in the hospital website and understood she has more than 30 years of experience. I had C-section in my first delivery in India. Just after a few consultations itself the doctor gave a confidence to have a normal delivery and promised we would try our best to be so. I heard so many discourage statements as not to go for normal delivery as the first one was caesarean. But, I completely trusted on the doctor and also on her experience. I didn’t bother to call my husband or mother while i was in labour suit. Because the support and care from the staff nurses, namely Ms.Dola Winnie, Ms.Rowena in labour room and also the confidence by my doctor standing beside me. I would also like to appreciate the Dr.Aesha Eltahir for the support and gentle touch.