Gemma McLean

Diagnosis - Displaced fractures of several metatarsals, left foot - ORIF left foot.

There is no possible way for me to express my gratitude to Dr Hans for the incredible care I received from him following being diagnosed with two fractured metatarsals in my left foot.

Following a bad fall, no doctor I saw was able to give me a clear indication as to the best course treatment and the decision kept being placed on me and what I felt like was best. Feeling scared, worried and defeated, I decided to seek another opinion and I was referred to Dr Hans who came highly recommend, upon meeting him I instantly felt relieved for the first time since my break, his kindness and empathy he showed me in that first appointment when I was scared and confused as to what I was in for, goes beyond any treatment I have ever received.

He took his time to explain every little detail no matter how silly my questions may have seemed, from how I managed to break the bones, to the best course of treatment based on his extensive experience and knowledge, for the best prognosis long term which is what I wanted and could not find from any other surgeon.

After reviewing my X-rays it was clear I would need the bones realigned and to have K-wires placed temporarily until the bones fused. Dr Hans performed the operation without any complication and a beautiful straight realignment of the fractured bones, for the 6weeks that followed I chose to go home to South Africa for the recovery time, and we had Dr Hans along the way with us every step including having his picture up so he could watch over my healing bones, he has become part of the family back home as everyone knows about my wonderful German surgeon who looked after me when I was so scared. I saw orthopedic surgeons as well as the radiographers who monitored the bone healing in South Africa who all applauded Dr Hans work and how well he had performed the operation and the bone alignment.

Living abroad it can often be overwhelming needing medical attention as it seems so foreign to what you are "used to" back in your home country, Dr Hans you really made this experience so much easier then I could have ever imagined, what seemed like the worst thing to happen to me, being incredible scared and in pain you managed to take that all a way in an instant and make me see that it really was all going to be okay.

Thank you not only for my perfectly healed foot Dr Hans, but for showing me such genuine kindness and compassion every single time I saw you.

Sarah Ceulen - Tellings

Diagnosis - Spiral fracture of the tibia - conservative management

Whilst on holidays (we are from the Netherlands) our year old daughter fell unluckily. By chance we were given an appointment with Dr. Hans Fuchs. From the very first moment we felt really happy about this. He quickly made a clinical diagnosis which was confirmed by x-ray. Dr. Fuchs made our daughter feel very comfortable getting her plaster. And to us he explained everything very well and things were arranged quickly and smooth. Dr. Fuchs is a real people's doctor that many can take an example of!

John David Leprozo

Diagnosis - ACL & MCL tear - operative (arthroscopic) ligament reconstruction

I tore my right ACL and MCL last February 2017 and as a skateboarder who competes in the amateur league in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I had to be healthy and in top condition all the time. Having a torn ACL would mean a career ending injury in skating. Thankfully Dr. Hans Fuchs and his team of professionals did such a remarkable job on my ACL and MCL reconstruction, that 6 weeks into the surgery, I am able to jog and jump. I am recovering at such a fast pace that I will be able to skate again after 10months. Right now, two months post-surgery my knee is at 80-85%, and beginning to feel like normal again.

Budoor Ahmed Al Shehhi

Diagnosis – Complicated fracture of the distal tibia/pilon - External fixator, plate fixation.  

Dr. Hans did a 2 stages operation for my brother to fix his rare ankle fractures. From the first day my brother was transferred under his care, we faced kindness and excellent communication skills from his side and his team also.

My brother was relaxed and following his orders, because he is sure that this is for his sake.

It was really a critical time and difficult decision for us to go for the surgery few days before my brother’s marriage, but we were sure that Dr. Hans will do it just perfectly.

Directly after each surgery, he explained to us what was exactly done during the procedure and the current situation. Again after the surgery, he came for regular visits to his patient in the ward at least twice daily. Dr. Hans was very friendly with my brother and my whole family members and he also became a great friend to me and my entire family.

I recommend Dr. Hans for any type of complicated orthopedic surgery. It is my honor and pleasure to know him.

Daniel Becker

Diagnosis – Complex fracture - dislocation right ankle and plate/screw fixation.  

I am writing you this email to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service that you have rendered me as your patient. From the moment you came to see me for the first time I knew that I was in good hands. Your kindness, calmness and professionalism throughout the surgery and my recovery period are truly appreciated.

I will certainly be recommending your services and Burjeel hospital to everyone I know. It is hard to express my gratitude and I know my words fall short. I truly mean it when I say that Burjeel hospital can be proud to have you in their service.