Elizabeth Dorazio

Diagnoses:Comminuted fracture right elbow - Plate/screw fixation

I am writing down to say how much I am thankful to you!
Walking through the streets in Dubai, I had the worse accident of my life; I felt down hurting my left knee and my right side elbow was completely smashed.
I had a serious inflammation at that elbow and we had to wait until it calmed down in order to do the operation. Finally, dr. Hans, you did a very careful operation and a few month later I could realize how competent it was done!
Dr. Hans, you have "rebuilt" my elbow in such a precise way that it became close to perfection! How much I was luck to find you in Abu Dhabi, I am very thankful to you!
My arm and my elbow looks perfect and the most important is that works perfect! I can live a normal life, lift wait, do push ups and all I want, no problem at all!
All my gratitude to you, Dr Hans.

Imran Alblooshi

Diagnoses:Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and Meniscus repair

My name is Imran Alblooshi and I am a patient of Dr. Hans Fuchs.
I'm very happy that I had surgery with Dr. Hans Fuchs. I do recommend that if you have any problem of your bones you can show him and trust me you will not regret it. And I can tell you that to my opinion he is one of the best doctors of orthopedic in the United Arab Emirates.

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Osman

Diagnoses: Bilateral Knee replacement operation for-Fatima Abdulla Ahmed Osman

Dear Sir,

I remain thankful for the valuable opportunity given to me 4 years ago to perform both knees replacement operation for my wife at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi,. There I found a highly qualified, experienced & devoted team who serve at their best abilities giving treatment while administering utmost care and sympathy.

The team is led by the brilliant & talented Dr. Hans who made the period of treatment enjoyable .The healing process went very smooth and the final results are magnificent bringing into us a lot of satisfaction. I would happily recommend any patient seeking outstanding surgical expertise coupled with sympathetic and supportive approach to Dr. Han's capable hands.

I administer my sincere thanks and respect for you Dr. Han and for the team sharing this success working at your organization.

Remain grateful
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Osman

Jean Carlo Tomelden

Diagonsis: The diagnosis in this case was ACL tear and complex tear of meniscus - ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair.

Hi, Good day, this is Jean Carlo Tomelden, my ACL was torn last May 2017. Having ACL is not that easy, i can’t do my job properly, I can’t play basketball, and I can’t even jog for 5 minutes, it affects me mentally and physically. After 4 months I decided to have a surgery for my ACL, my friend John David Leprozo referred me at Burjeel Hospital. He’s also a ACL patient and also a nurse at the Burjeel Hospital, then I met Dr. Hans Fuchs, we talked about my condition then he recommend to have a surgery before it gets worst. His nurse Charles is a very nice guy, he’s the one who helped me with everything like schedules, paperworks, etc. October 9, 2017 is the day of my surgery, I was kind of nervous and i hoped everything would be fine. After a few weeks my Physiotherapist Joseph Basil told me that the surgery was nice, my knee is recovering faster, he was surprised because on my 4th week there were no tightness in my knees already. I was happy about the results, Dr. Fuchs told me that the operation went fine and I should take care of it. I cant wait to play basketball and do some work out stronger and better. I am proud to say thank you Burjeel Hospital, to Dr. Hans Fuchs to his nurse Charles to his secretary Shaheer, to my friend who referred me to him John David Leprozo and to my Physiotherapist Joseph Basil. And I appreciate every employee of Bujeel Hospital, they’re all accommodating. Thank you so much!

Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Hasan Sadika

Diagonsis: Comminuted displaced fracture right hand - operative fracture management

Dear Dr. Hans Fuchs
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your kind and expert help in my treatment and thank you for the exceptional care you gave to me. While the surgery was not painful the after care was. It was a pleasure meeting you as my surgeon. Thank you and god bless you with all my love and deep appreciate for all you have done for me. Thank you for your kindness, support, and caring. I feel blessed to have you as my doctor. Thank you so much for a successful surgery, you really have a way of making me feel I am in good hands. I can't imagine having been in any one else's hands. I pray the lord brings you joy and love and blessings in your life.