Sara Saleh Al Mansoori

Diagonsis: Infertility

Best Hospital. I highly recommend, amazing nurses, amazing reception, Best medical team in IVF department.

Jamil Al Nashash

Diagonsis: Complicated fracture, left distal radius - open reduction and internal fixation.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I appreciate your medical care. The recent illnesses that we experienced were really stressful and difficult, as you know, and we so appreciate your competent and reassuring care. You made a major difference and helped the situation to turn out so positively. We also really appreciate you being available when I needed to call you.

The operation for my son was very successful and you have don a very good job. Thank you again for being there for us and for helping us get through a rough patch in our lives. 

Dear Dr. Hans Fuchs, We appreciate you immensely.

Stefan, Marichen & Anneke

Diagonsis: Heavy bleeding at 34 weeks pregnancy

On 17th August 2018, when my wife was 34 weeks pregnant, she had experienced unexpected heavy bleeding and we had to rush to the hospital into emergency. We were taken into the labor room and stayed under observation for 3h, having the nurse and sisters trying to figure out what had caused the bleeding. Within the 3h of observation and scanning, the nurse was not able to identify the problem at all and she was ready to pack up and leave, luckily, Dr. Aruna Kumari was on duty that day and she was very persistent, wanting to identify the problem, and after more failed attempts by the nurse, Dr. Aruna Kumari decided to check for her self and took over the scanner. After 15 minutes of thorough checking, Dr. Aruna Kumari was able to identify the problem, "the placenta had detached with blood clots on the side of the uterus which was the cause of the heavy bleeding". Few minutes later all the machines started beeping and showing that the baby's heart rate was decreasing rapidly, that's when my wife was rushed into the emergency operation room for a C-section intervention.

Few minutes later we had welcomed Anneke Maria Dragomir, our little angel, into this world. This was the best day of our lives and we are deeply grateful to Dr. Aruna Kumari for showing this amazing level of strength, persistence and thoroughness, that helped bring this miracle to us.

If it wasn't for Dr. Aruna Kumari, the outcome could have been horrible.

There are no words to describe our level of gratitude and we are forever grateful to Dr. Aruna Kumari & Burjeel Hospital.


Diagonsis: ACL torn

I had my ACL torn and was struggling with the decision, whether to do a surgery or not. Dr. Hans Fuchs was recommended by some of our German friends, which are all very satisfied with his work. He was the third doctor I saw, but the only one who didn’t tried to convince or to push me for the surgery, took time to treat me as an individual, answering all my questions, touched upon my doubts and work together with me on my knee.

Apart from his excellence, knowledge and over 30-years of experience, Dr. Hans Fuchs stands out as a very good person, working with good intent. I build a certain level of trust to him, which kept me waiting for him during his absence, without even thinking about searching another doctor.

The surgery went very well (it was fun since I was awake and talking to him) and am currently recovering, looking forward to do sports soon. Of course there is no life-time warranty that my knee will be as before, but I am absolutely sure that this man was working with best intentions, has done an excellent job and fixed my knee properly. Everything else is up God.

All my gratitude to my doctor and friend Dr. Hans Fuchs . I Wish you health and happiness.

Darwin Arojado

Diagnoses: ACL tear

Just want say thank you Dr. Hans from the bottom of my heart. For for everything that you done to me especially in my knee. You treated me as your brother and your friend. For me you are the best Doctor i ever had in my life. No words can express..thank you Dr. Hans.