Best hospital, I 've ever been. Good staff, and nice music. I liked the harp and cello players.

Sreena Kuduvan

First and foremost, i wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Dr.Pathukutty Mohammed. I consulted this gynaecology doctor after reviewing her profiles in the hospital website and understood she has more than 30 years of experience. I had C-section in my first delivery in India. Just after a few consultations itself the doctor gave a confidence to have a normal delivery and promised we would try our best to be so. I heard so many discourage statements as not to go for normal delivery as the first one was caesarean. But, I completely trusted on the doctor and also on her experience. I didn’t bother to call my husband or mother while i was in labour suit. Because the support and care from the staff nurses, namely Ms.Dola Winnie, Ms.Rowena in labour room and also the confidence by my doctor standing beside me. I would also like to appreciate the Dr.Aesha Eltahir for the support and gentle touch.

Wayne Van Heerden

Procedure – Fracture distal radius - plate fixation  

I am sending this email in regards to my surgery you have done and the care you took when I broke my wrist.

The pain levels is nonexistent and normal function is attained in my wrist and would just like to say thank you for both the physical care and mental care you gave during my time in need.

If anyone I know of ever gets into an ordeal such as I have been or similar, my one and only recommendation for medical advice and treatment would be Dr. Hans Fuchs for he is one hell of a doctor and master sergeant, for not only did he help me get function back into my hand he also made it fun to go back to hospital. Both he and the staff and further more I have not met any doctor with such capabilities in medical care.

Maha Shamshir

Dear Dr. Hans

I would like to thank you for all what you have done to me.First of all your treatment was full of (warmth & kindness) and you treated me as a member of your family. Secondly I was able to walk shortly after I had undergone the operation. Thirdly I appreciate your constant follow ups on my situation day by day. You also listened patiently to me and answered my numerous questions. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Craig Petrie

Procedure – ACL reconstruction  

I had my ACL reconstruction surgery take place on August 22nd by Dr. Hans. He was the doctor that took care of me from day 1. I was very impressed with his knowledge and just being in his presence, his experience is evident.

Having surgery makes you feel anxious beforehand but with Dr. Hans the process seemed smooth and that's because it was. We had our first consultation, within a week the X-rays and MRI scans had been done.

It was such a quick and efficient process and with Dr. Hans in charge of the surgery it gave me the confidence to not waste any time. The new graft he placed in my knee has been done tightly as he was aware of my intentions of returning to sport and it is this sort of expertise you can only receive from experienced surgeons like Dr. Hans.

Since my surgery I have not once worn a knee brace or support of any type because the operation was such a success. Further to that I am now (4 months after surgery) in the gym daily, walking totally fine (no limping), I have no issues extending and flexing at the knee joint.

All in all if you are a victim of an ACL tear and you are consulting with Burjeel hospital for surgery then it would be my pleasure to recommend and urge that you do it with Dr. Hans.

You can also give my number out to any ACL patients so that if they want to hear from someone who has been through the process, I will happily be of service.