Maha Shamshir

Dear Dr. Hans

I would like to thank you for all what you have done to me.First of all your treatment was full of (warmth & kindness) and you treated me as a member of your family. Secondly I was able to walk shortly after I had undergone the operation. Thirdly I appreciate your constant follow ups on my situation day by day. You also listened patiently to me and answered my numerous questions. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Craig Petrie

Procedure – ACL reconstruction  

I had my ACL reconstruction surgery take place on August 22nd by Dr. Hans. He was the doctor that took care of me from day 1. I was very impressed with his knowledge and just being in his presence, his experience is evident.

Having surgery makes you feel anxious beforehand but with Dr. Hans the process seemed smooth and that's because it was. We had our first consultation, within a week the X-rays and MRI scans had been done.

It was such a quick and efficient process and with Dr. Hans in charge of the surgery it gave me the confidence to not waste any time. The new graft he placed in my knee has been done tightly as he was aware of my intentions of returning to sport and it is this sort of expertise you can only receive from experienced surgeons like Dr. Hans.

Since my surgery I have not once worn a knee brace or support of any type because the operation was such a success. Further to that I am now (4 months after surgery) in the gym daily, walking totally fine (no limping), I have no issues extending and flexing at the knee joint.

All in all if you are a victim of an ACL tear and you are consulting with Burjeel hospital for surgery then it would be my pleasure to recommend and urge that you do it with Dr. Hans.

You can also give my number out to any ACL patients so that if they want to hear from someone who has been through the process, I will happily be of service.

Mohamed Suliman

Diagnosis: Traumatic deep laceration of lower leg - surgical repair of soft tissues and tendons

I wish to express my deep gratitude for the care you gave to me and my family from the time we first met in emergency at 2am, when you came quickly from your home, to further inspect my ankle injury throughout to my surgery and recovery.

This was a frightening experience and I am so lucky to have had your expertise, precision and skills.

Your ability to make your patients feel reassured and special was evident during my weekly post-operation appointments. From the warm greetings and welcome to the valuable advices which made my recovery all too possible. I truly felt safe in your care and fully trusted your judgement.

You certainly helped me and my wife to be in good spirits, as you took the time to listen and explain things very clearly.

Please convey my sincere wishes and gratitude to your team who did a wonderful job caring for my wound and changing my support cast. Also, I can't forget Dr. Abbas at emergency who exercised good judgement by calling you instead of stitching up the seemingly benign laceration.

Words cannot describe how fortunate I am to have had a surgeon of your caliber and meeting you was an absolute pleasure. My family and I will always be grateful.

Asmaa Taha

Diagnosis - Severe Hallux valgus Deformity (bunion).

I suffered years ago from a hallux valgus which is known as bunion in my right foot , and because I was afraid from the operation I tried many ways to push it away .I got rid of high heels and narrow shoes but the condition became worse and the shape of my foot worsened too, in addition to the discomfort and pain.

At last I decided to do the operation . I sought a medical consultation from Dr. Hans who was very professional and calm. He also helped me to reduce my tension from the first appointment by his friendly smile and confident personality.

I did the operation and it was much easier than I thought although the condition was medically difficult , and that was because of the professional approach of the surgeon and staff . Now my foot is looking normal again and I am happy with the result. Thank you doctor, I really appreciate what you did.

Mohamed Omer

Procedure - Meniscusrepair & Chondroplasty

I write this to you with great pleasure and comfort about the recent diagnosis i underwent at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi under your care.

Your recently conducted Arthroscopic Surgery on my knee has helped me get back on my feet. I have achieved great relief from the pain i was suffering.

I write this to specially appreciate the care given to me by Dr. Hans and his team. You are professionals and one can see that by the results. I can now sleep painlessly and my general wellbeing has improved.

I'm sure you have helped countless others such as me and i cannot thank you enough. You are a good human being Dr. Hans.

I will always be grateful to you and spread this good word to those in need.

Best regards,

Mohamed Omer

Operations Supervisor

Bunduq Oil Company