Dr. Noha Elsheikh

Specialist – Internal Medicine


Dr. Noha Elsheikh finished her MBBCh in 1997 and her Master’s Degree in Internal Medicine in 2003 at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in Egypt. In 2012, she obtained her MD in Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Alazhar University in Egypt.

She started her medical practice in her home country in 1998. She worked as an Assistant Researcher, then as an Assistant Lecturer, then finally as a Lecturer of Internal Medicine and Nephrology in a large research institute and hospital in Cairo. In 2017, she moved to the UAE and joined a large private hospital in Abu Dhabi as a Specialist in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Noha has a vast experience in managing conditions related to cardiac, respiratory, and gastro-intestinal diseases. She is well-experienced in managing diabetes and hypertension. She is highly experienced in managing kidney conditions including acute and chronic kidney diseases as well as polycystic kidney, diabetic nephropathy, glomerulonephritis, and chronic renal failure on regular hemodialysis.

She is a member of the Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine and the Egyptian Society of Nephrology. To her credit, she has authored several research works and publications in peer-reviewed platforms.