Dr. Arturo Mario Poletti

MD, Otolaryngologyst, Consultant Surgeon, Head of Department


Specialization: Diplomas in Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery first and Audiology then at Otorhinolaryngology Clinic Institute of Pavia University. Appointed of Subject Expert in Otorhinolaryngology for Teaching Otorhinolaryngology for the second Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at Varese (Now Insubria University).  Fellowship in Otology and Skull Base Surgery under the Guidance of Prof. Antonio Mazzoni (Bergamo Italy) founder of Italian and European Skull Base Societies. He collaborated for many years with Prof. Paolo Castelnuovo (Pavia and Varese University). Adjunct Professor in the postgraduate School of Otorhinolaryngology of University of Pavia first and University of Milan later. Former Director of the Otorhinolaryngology Department and Teaching Professor at Humanitas Clinical and Research Hospital and University Rozzano Milano-Italy.   Past President of Italian Skull Base Society.
Author of several paper in Otology and Skull Base Surgery. Consultant Surgeon at Ospedale Civico Lugano Switzerland.
Microsurgery of the middle/internal ear and skull base. Cochlear implants. Head and neck tumors. Laser surgery of the larynx.